Boat Departs from The Pier 11:00 am, 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm
Max of 6 passengers per trip- parasailing passengers have priority seating.
Call 902-886-2987 to reserve your seat 

Using the most advanced technology in North America, Inn at the Pier has the only parasailing available on Prince Edward Island. Well trained and experienced crews always put safety first. With a system that lets you leave and land on the boat, you never get wet!

The Pier offers different rides – up to a 1000′ of line. Prices range from $105 to $150. Tax included

There are no age restrictions but there are minimum weight restrictions. To go parasailing by yourself, you must be a minimum of 125 lbs (57kg) and weather and water conditions must be ideal. If a person is less than 100 lbs (45kg), we put them up with someone else (both riders pay). It is always the captain’s decision on whether or not to put people up, as this area can have strong winds that must be considered. If you plan to go parasailing we suggest that you book your sail date and time in advance so that there is time to work with the weather. Call 902-886-2987.

Anyone can para sail. We have you sit down on the back of the boat for taking off and bring you back to the boat for landing. If you enjoy the water, a little tip in the fresh salt water is a traditional favorite (you can decide).

The crew of our boat, the “Thrill Seeker”, has over 15 years experience and has no incidents or accidents to report. In 2007, the “Thrill Seeker” was certified by Transport Canada as a passenger’s vessel.

Our motto is “Your safety is always our first priority”. It’s really an amazing trip!!!!!