Kayak and Stand-up Paddle Board Rentals

Kayak Rental

Our water sport operation is open mid June until after Labor Day Weekend, but renting a kayak in the off-season may be possible by reservation. Contact us.

kayaking peiFrom $25.00  up to 1 hour/ $45.00 up to 2 hours/ $65.00 1/2 day including tax.

Enjoy your tour of New London Bay with a leisurely paddle on one of our kayaks. Take in the nature around you, the smell of fresh salt air and the gorgeous environment that only an Island vacation can offer. This activity requires some physical ability but we do have safe waters close to the dock for almost anyone to try this activity. It has been enjoyed by young and old alike.


Stand-up-Paddle Boards

Our water sport operation is open mid June until Labor Day weekend but renting a Paddle board in the off-season may be possible by reservation. Contact us – we find in September the wind makes using our Stand-up paddle boards a challenge quite often.

Paddle boarding at The Pier, Stanley Bridge

$30.00 up to 1 hour / $50.00 up to 2 hours, tax included

The latest craze on the water, SUP boards are the new addition to the water sport activities at The Pier. Fun and a great core workout.

There are shallow waters for beginners making it ideal for anyone to try. Come on out and do it!


Sea-doo Club

The Pier

seadooing Cavendish beach

Something New : The Pier is offering a new way to enjoy the summer, “The Pier Sea-doo Club” , only a limited number of members will be accepted for this special offer. It will be much like a golf membership, only sea-dooing not golfing.
The last time we rented a sea-doo it was 165.00 tax included, to members rate is based on 75.00 / hour.

Pier Sea-Doo Club 
Membership Fee  75.00 per hour (1500 + tax + Insurance Contribution)
You put your own gass in machine when you return (always leave on full tank)
All times will be prescheduled, last minute use is a possibility if available.
Minimum buy-in of 20 Hrs plus Tax & Insurance Contribution
1/2 total due before 1st ride balance due July 15th
Hour meter on all seadoos,
All members will have 5 hours minimum  of down time with sea-doo (to enjoy with friends)
Insurance is cost shared by everyone & estimated to be between 175 & 225 per member
Extra time at same rate available to all members
Training and Instruction in group format will be required (min 2 hours)
Limited number of memberships available
The Pier Reserves the right to refund any member and cancel membership

To apply go to the contact page of this website, fill out form and state you are inquiring about the Sea-doo Club