PEI Romance Package, Cavendish Beach

From your roomOur Romance Package features “two people alone at the Beach”.

2 Nights off season
June 7 to June 29 & Sept 3rd to 16th                 475.00         (3 nights 575.00)

2 Nights high season
June 29 to Sept 2nd                                          739.00        (3 nights 839.00)

We’ve been told our beach is “as nice as any place I have ever been!!!” With miles and miles of beautiful sand dunes, you’re sure the find your special spot. This boat trip to the beach is definitely the highlight of most couples’ vacation. So if a PEI vacation with some romance is in your plans, check out this waterfront PEI accommodation offer.

Package Includes

  • Deluxe waterfront accommodations
  • Robes, rest and relaxation
  • Hearty Country Breakfast
  • Chocolates and wine in room
  • Boxed Picnic Lunch (usually used at the beach)
  • Taxi by boat to sandy secluded beach (high season only)
  • 2 hour rental of paddle board or kayak

How does it work?

You pick your day to go, set it up with the front desk or water sport co-coordinator. We will take you across the bay to the sand dunes by boat, drop you off with your boxed lunch and a few things you may want to take. You stay a long as you want (until 6:00 pm max). We will pick you up and take you back to The Pier. The beach is less likely to have people around through the week as the locals have to work sometimes!